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February 22, 2008


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Noel Peter

I didn't see the debate but from what I heard and the clip I saw, it was fantastic. No doubt to me that this race is going to go all the way to the end. I love the way Obama has been able to own the catch phrase "change" when in fact both of them will be representing change. This is why I'm hoping this goes all the way to the end just to see whose side the superdelegate is going to by

Carmin Wharton


Tried to listen to your thoughts but was taken to an Audio Acrobat page which requires me to sign up but there was no link to open up or download your thoughts.

However, my thoughts are that this is the most exciting presidential campaign of my entire voting adult life! To think that we lived to see a Black man and a White woman in a hotly contested race for the White House. I love it!

Here's the note I sent to my newsletter subscribers regarding last night's debate:

I just finished watching tonight's Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I must say this is the most exciting presential campaign of my life! To think that we are actually witnessing this moment in history - an African-American man and a White woman running against each other for president!

Of course, as The Relationship Teacher I saw a relationship similarity during the debate. Barack reminds me of potential love interest and someone who's caught your attention and you don't know why but you just feel like "he might be the one." Is he your soul mate or is it just lust? Hillary reminds me of a current or former love interest who you believe loves you but they just don't know how to show it, however every now and then you want to know the this love interest is madly in love with you. Should you stay because of all you've been through together? Or, should you take a chance with this new, exciting love interest? Hmmm. Either way, I sure hope you are registered to vote and that you will exercise your right to vote in November.

fran harris

Fun posts, Carmen and Noel...I taped the debate and will probably watch over and over. I'm a student of non-verbal behavior and these two were saying a LOT with their body language, eye contact, lack of eye contact -- it was great!



Mr. Obama has no policies and nothing to say except to repeat the word "Change" every five minutes. As an African-American female myself, I will vote for Ms. Clinton, if given the opportunity. This woman has been in the trenches and has actual plans and policies. Mr. Obama just has a nice oratory style. However, This country needs more than pretty speeches and someone who does a nice imitation of Martin Luther Kings voice. We have comedians and impressionists that can do that too, but I don't want them to be in charge of the country. This is typical American behavior of going for style over substance.


Hey Fran,
I watched the debate on last evening and it was great. I did simular to what you did. I ate as if I was at the movies girl.
I like both Hillary and Obama, they are both very smart people with basically the same agenda (just states it differently) but I will tell you, my choice will be Obama, not because he's black but because he is for change and I'm ready for change. If he put all he has said to action we will see a better USA. When he speaks, I feel his passion and drive and I never, ever felt that way about a president. In fact, I've never really set down and watch a campaign the way I've done this one. It is so exciting. I am waiting on March 4th to come. I can't wait to see the results.

Marchion Orr

Obama is the best person for the job.. He keeps his head and his cool under the hot and cold attacks continuously shot at him by a candidate (Hilalry) under pressure. It must be difficult for her, she's done a lot so she feels entitled to this. She is not entitled. She may even feel more deserving because she was there first... She is frustrated because someone had the nerve to come along and interrupt this plan of the Clintons. He also had the nerve to be good. It's interesting to watch this.

The problem is she is not the candidate for the times, he is.


Actually I didn't watch much of the debate after I saw those select people taking photos with the candidates on stage. Who were those people? At this point in the picture I have to wonder are Senator Clinton, ready on day one, and Senator Barak Hussein Obama, speaking about change but still part of the establishment to me, rehashing the same information and I'm still stuck on undecided. :(
I'm over the fact that we have a bi-racial , Black identifying, man and a white woman that are the final two before the Democratic convention.
Give me substance! Some things are being covered. But I want more issues to be discussed. With all these debates we should know the difference between the two candidates by now; shouldn't we? What will you do to help assist the small businesses in America? What about micro-businesses? What about the price of milk, gas, eggs, bread? What about student loans where corporations, CEOs and other executives are making billions off of students? Why not lower the student loan interest rates to 2 or 3 %? Anything above that goes to pay off the national debt, or pay into social security? What about the dollar bill and strengthening that?
So many questions for me are not being asked or answered!! What about rebuilding the economy in this country - how are you going to do it as the President (the leader of the USA)?!!!


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