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January 22, 2008


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Minister Becky Buchanan

I have a dream and a vision,I have a dream that one day everyone will know that there is a GOD! And that we can help each other get to that place in their life by doing everything we can to teach them about Christ. God gave me a vision when I was thirteen years old. As of December 6,2007 God gave me the name of my vision. he gave me the a group called C.R.Y. which means Chirst Redeem You htis group consisit of helping people in general to get back on track with everyday life. we will be helping people get off drugs, helping with sexual abuse, or any type of abuse, help young people go back to school, etc. My dream, and vision is to help someone over come the trails and tribulations of the same way I over came them, which is through CHRIST JESUS who gave me strength. So now I C.R.Y. out to the world to let them know that CHRIST REDEEM YOU if you wan't it. Minister Becky Buchanan


I'm really enjoying your blog so far, and of course we all deserve a little vacation :)

I also want to blog more regularly, (because I realize that people actually visit it, and it can be a way to inspire others and grow). I also want to work to get more of my artwork and writing published.

I would love to contribute to Collegepreneur to share my experiences. So far I've been a successful Elementary-Schoolpreneur (selling my artwork, magazines and greeting cards), Teenpreneur (through the Black Enterprise Magazine Teenpreneur program) High Schoolpreneur, Community-preneur, and currently a Collegeprenuer (running my inspirational media and marketing company )

Besides that, this year I will be balancing my time more effectively, taking more breaks for myself without feeling guilty and following my dreams relentlessly.

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