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January 23, 2008


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Thank you so much for this entry.

I got this post in the form of an email a few minutes ago and it really sparked a feeling of familiarity in me. When I was younger, and even recently at times, I was extremely timid and always tried to shy away from the spotlight, to downplay my abilities and the attention of others.

Recently, though I've realized that letting "my light shine" is really not about me at all. Instead it's about sharing with others what I have learned or what is possible when one dares to follow her dreams.

In essence illuminating my light can, as Marianne Williamson said, "give another permission to do the same."

I started my media and marketing company, in high school, and am now a senior in college. When I first began, I would never want to promote myself as the person behind the company, and even felt uncomfortable when others would praise my work.

I've been taking steps, as you have, to begin exposing myself and my business to the world, through positive promotions, accepting publicity opportunities, and sharing my artistic abilities and entrepreneurial knowledge with others.

I've found that the more I share, the more opportunities arise, and the more amazing people I've been able to meet.

When I am able to showcase my own personality and passions in my business, my company culture and brand grows, as people can see that there is an actual person behind the company.

I am able to connect to clients more as well as reach out to younger people who may be interested in pursuing a creative career or business.

Everyone a story, but if we all withheld them from each other, we would be unable to learn, to grow, and to nurture each other's dreams, as you are doing for young people everywhere.

Thanks again for the inspiration!

Felicia White

I have been very interested in all that you have brought forth, enspired to take on that Millonaire road. It is a trip that is not so simply for many people. I have many daily vision, thoughts and ideals that can be an great access to the world and others but many people don't have the time to listen unless you know someone or have some financial backing. I have try the WNBA road same results red tape. I just want to prove that I can.

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